“I will never ever hurt you, I wouldn’t bear to.” I used to believe in that. Why? Because ever since young I was taught that many good people existed and they would be willing to help me if I ever needed them. I was read bedtime stories about kind-hearted souls before I dozed off in bed every night. From young I was forced to believe in the good of all living humans in the world. But I was never told or warned about the demons in everyone’s souls. We may not see them, but they lie deep within us.

To me, I think that all the demons inside of us started off as angels. As we grow older and experience more things, these angels slowly grow and mature to become demons. These angels were once innocent, kind-hearted, selfless but they turned greedy, selfish and evil and thus make up who we are today. It wasn’t the fault of the angels, instead, the fault lies in us. How we want to nurture the angels in us when we are young will determine what they become in the future.

People have different kinds of demons in them. Some are stronger than others, some are weaker. Some consume our souls bit by bit, some we feed. Some threaten to destroy us, some keeps us alive. Some are so powerful that they can overwhelm you and tempt you into committing sins. Some are so vicious that they mess with your thoughts and make you feel like you want to die. I guess the demons inside of me are the ones making me so depressed. I guess maybe they are too strong that I can’t handle them, that I can’t handle my emotions. I wish I could though, and I’m trying.

There’s a song I want to dedicate this post to – Demons // Imagine Dragons. The song has such a deep meaning to it than what appears on the surface. The video is amazing and it truly is meaningful. Way too underrated.


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