Land of Confusion.

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place. Show CONFUSION.

in a sea full of people

she stood standing in between

the midst of the crowd

of a group of people known as ‘friends’

she’s not alone

in fact she’s surrounded by many

but sadly

she doesn’t feel loved;

she’s lonely

out of place

and awfully confused

thousands and millions of ‘why’s consume her thoughts

does she deserve this?

she blames it all on herself

and then

in the midst of all the commotion

someone comes along

“you alright? you look pretty pale”

she smiles

“i’m perfectly fine, really really happy. don’t worry about me! go have fun”

he took her word for it

he left

an ache strikes her in the heart

her thoughts are messed up

she can’t think straight

her vision is blurring

she’s losing her balance

she starts to feel her soul,

leaving her empty body

in three




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