Everything Is Temporary.

the world is just too huge

overwhelming every bit of my soul

suffocating me inside out;

thinking about how i’ll never be capable enough

or good enough,

to contribute anything to this demanding hellhole

makes me feels so small and insignificant.

just a plain nobody

one of the many

in a sea of self-centered,

egocentric beings of the vast universe

like a ticking time bomb

waiting to go off

as time is running out

our lives do not mean anything at all

because dead or alive,

it doesn’t really matter;

funny how we live only to die in the end

how we are made so different

yet our fates are equally sealed

just think

if you couldn’t even save yourself,

was your life even worth saving?

everything will soon disappear

and absolutely none of this will matter

because nothing ever lasts

all is temporary

and everything is nothing,

but short-lived



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