Too Far Gone.

How do you expect her to be so obedient when you deprive her of all the care and love she needs so badly to survive?  She no longer feels safe in the one place that’s supposedly her only form of refuge from the harsh extremities of the outside world. Her haven, what most call ‘home’, is now nothing but a chamber reminding her constantly of all the pain it encompasses, forcing her to give up and surrender her fragile heart to the masters of her own destruction.

Fallen too deep into the pits of her sorrow, trapped under all that’s pulling her down and wearing her out, leaving her in a state way beyond salvation. The darkness in her life consumes her, yet she finds it so comforting, as it’s also what makes her see the last flickering bit of light that’s diminishing. How ironic it must be, to fall in love with what kills you?

Demons lurk beneath every inch of her soul, not leaving out any corner, now absolutely unafraid and bolder than ever, destroying her bit by bit. The effects are barely noticeable by the human eye, for it all lies under the facade of bliss. She only has herself to depend on, because no one really truly understands the pain she has to endure.

She’s drowning and utterly petrified, struggling to keep her head up, with hands as far up as possible, gasping for air, screaming for help, although knowing full well there’s no one left. Clinging onto the last bit of hope, trying so hard to stay strong, as she kicks and kicks, with each attempt getting weaker and weaker. Her vision is blurry and her whole world is spinning, as flashbacks of what used to mean so much and all the mistakes she carelessly made flood her thoughts, then crashing down as they crumble into pieces like edges of a broken mirror, so sharp it causes her to bleed and scar as soon as she tries to put them back together. These are the battle scars she has left behind on her skin, visible by all.

The powerful waves of emotions are way too overwhelming, pushing her deeper within. She’s alive but barely surviving. She knows it’s only about time before her entire self belongs to the sea, of torture. This is the process of losing herself, the ultimate point of breaking. She’s too far gone, too out of reach.


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