isn’t always a bad thing

it’s a way of life

something we’ll never escape from,

for we are all stardust,

a part of the universe that’s bound to be recycled someday.

some quiver at the thought of it

some yearn for it with every aching soul;

it also signifies an end to a journey

that god deems to have lasted too long.

and he whom is gone

will leave footprints behind

deeply etched,

in the lives he touched.

and for once in his entire lifetime,

people will begin to notice

how his presence meant so much

and how his absence hurts much more,

like knives in the heart.

they can’t help but feel ashamed

for they have failed to see it sooner,

but it’s already too late,

too late for regrets

too late to make amends.

he whom’s presence

used to go unnoticed,

is now a soul that’s greatly missed.

now that he’s gone,

everyone loves him the way no one,


would have,

if he was still around



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