You’re daydreaming, and you happen to chance upon your reflection on a glass window. Amidst the blurry image you see before you, you try hard to make out how you look. You look to see if everything’s in place, your hair, your glasses, then you try to fiddle around with each and every detail to make them look as perfect as they can be, on you. Don’t we all? What was different for me on a particularly gloomy day was that I noticed something I never noticed before.

It was as if the sadness consumed me, and I failed to see myself. My reflection, the person I was, or how I looked. I started not caring so much about the tiny little things about me. Then suddenly, my eyes started to shift my focus to a sign of movement on the opposite side of the window. I didn’t know what was so special about that view I would see everyday or what was particularly intriguing about it but it sent this ‘shock’ through my heart. I tried again, but this time much quicker. I focussed my eyes on my own reflection, more specifically the centre of my face, and then I shifted my focus immediately onto the scenery outside. I don’t know how, why or what it was, but it all felt so surreal to me at that point.

It took me a good 2 seconds each time, to get accustomed to a new area of focus. And each time I looked, I got the similar kind of sensation, just milder as compared to the first time. I knew I could never get the exact same kind of ‘shock’ I got on the first, ever again, because that was absolutely unintentional, but I wanted so badly to be able to experience it again.

As my inner self started to take over, a thought hit me. How our world would be like if everybody weren’t so egocentric, if the world’s inhabiters didn’t only think of themselves all the time, paid less attention to how they looked, didn’t do things only for the sake of themselves, and most importantly, if everyone were to shift their focus onto something bigger than themselves. Be it the surroundings, the tree on that side of the road, that couple clinging affectionately onto one another as if they could be taken away or separated any moment, that man walking alone with his head hanging low, or even just the smallest of things like that torn paper bag lying on the ground, drifting along with the wind.

Picture this, a world in which everyone were to be more observant to things not concerning themselves, how great it’d be. I dare say this world would be a much greater and lovelier place to live in, because it is only when we let ourselves readjust our focus onto things that aren’t really in our control nor is affecting us, that we become more selfless and less self-absorbed.

It’s only when we take the time to admire the beauty of things around us, whether animate or inanimate, living or not, without harbouring any sort of one-sided judgement, just being entirely plainly YOU, the you who doesn’t fear anything, observes and notices so much, the you who is aware of everything going on around you, that we can appreciate things a little more. The you who does not just take things at face value, but instead analyses deeper, with good intentions, and the you who cares for those you don’t know anything about.

It might seem to you as a small act of merely being more physically and emotionally aware, but it’s actually not as simple as it sounds. Many of us are guilty of paying so much attention to ourselves, how people see us, that we’ve become such inhumane and selfish beings. If we’re addressed and recognised as ‘humans’, why is it that our world so tragically lacks HUMANity?


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