A Trip To The Stars

I was blessed enough to awake at prime

to witness the intriguing stars align.

I was up in the sky and for the very first time

they seemed much closer that I felt almighty

as if I could pluck them out and arrange them however I’d like.

The experience felt so personal

for on the other side of the plane

was the awakening of dawn.

Equally electrifying

just as breathtaking

but I knew deep down

it wasn’t for me.

It was like two opposing forces coming together at daylight

colliding with the strongest of might.

I’ve always looked upon these stars that fill the night sky

with a whole lot of admiration

trying to find the root of their existence

why they’re aligned the way that they are

or why they’re even there.

There’s no perfect scientific explanation

for such a mysterious existence

that could merely be meant for decorating purposes.

But one thing I realised that I never did before

was that no matter what constellations they formed

they all seemed effortlessly flawless

as if they were meant to be placed wherever they were.

Maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be with us humans

that’s how we meet the people we do.

Because there’s that higher force up there

carefully placing the stars in perfect alignment

allowing us to seek solace in our companions

with the constellations to guide our souls

to yearn and seek consolation.



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