In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Object.”

You remind me of busy cities,

crowded places

and neon lights.

You make me feel like flickering street lamps,

empty phone booths

and silent alleys.

You give me illuminating thrills,

with a temporary high.

You bring me places unheard of,

so far out,

too deep in.

Taking me on lengthy road trips,

windows rolled down,

music blasting.

To parking garages,

shady motels,

rowdy concerts,

on lonely summer nights.

You were the sun, the moon and the stars,

waiting to be unveiled.

You made me see the cracks in the walls,

and the same in me.

You were my whole world,

a refreshing adventure,

a soothing ride,

but a rocky wave.

You led me into the dark,

walked out,

and left me there.

You were everything to everyone,

limitless, courageous,

yet dangerous,

not meant to be contained.

You could’ve been everything you wanted,

but you couldn’t have ever been mine.



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