The power of your thoughts and imagination, the ability to balance the weight of universes in your head, to close your eyes but still being able to see so clearly a visual image of something. If you think harder and deeper, and if you learn to manipulate how your thoughts overwhelm your mind, I believe there are so many things we are capable of.

The power to shift paradigms, to see beyond a split second, making sense of the in-betweens. To feel the weight of the world, with all its people, all their emotions and all the load it holds, weighing down on you all at once. I feel the good and the bad, the balance it has, kind of like the yin and yang. I feel the energy it encompasses, circulating this sphere we call earth, colliding together with the strongest of might, as if competing for victory.

Everyone has the power to think, feel and act and sometimes, this immense power can make you feel invincible yet reckless, but we hardly give credit to it. We think too little, say too much, act too rash. We don’t use our brains as well as we should. I want to learn to be in control. If we can take control of our own thoughts, I believe we can feel anything and everything. At first glance, everything is deceiving. To dive deeper, see beyond what’s suspended on the surface, and move one step closer, all you have to do is close your eyes.

Daily Prompt: Pensive


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