I’ve seen what love does to people. I’ve seen what it makes people do, the extent of their actions, and how much it puts them through. I’ve seen it all and it isn’t pretty. It isn’t always as lovely or glamorous as many may make it out to be.

I’ve seen a friend in love. I’ve seen him so in love with someone who didn’t love him back. Someone who had someone else by her side and they were happy, but this killed him. It’s been more than a year and not a day has passed that he’s not missed her. They don’t talk anymore and yet his feelings for her would never lessen even as the days go by. All he talks about is how great and beautiful of a person she is, how he would never be good enough or deserving of someone like that, someone whom he seems to have forgotten, had given him hope at the start, filling him up with so much, to only end up leaving for someone else.

As a friend, it was difficult to even watch. As someone who admired him, it hurt me. No matter how hard you could try convincing him that she did him wrong and wasn’t worth it, his devotion was unwavering. I thought I could heal him, fix him up in the places that she left broken, make him feel complete again. But it was not only till recently, when it suddenly hit me and I realised, that I never stood a chance.

It’s the never-ending cycle, isn’t it? Unrequited love. You watch someone you love getting hurt over someone else, and you hurt the ones who watch over you. We just never seem to see what’s right in front of us, begging to be noticed. Or maybe we do, just that the heart is a complex thing. We can’t simply just get over someone we want to let go of. You can shut your eyes to things you don’t wish to see, but you can’t stop your heart from feeling the things you don’t want to feel.


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