The power of your thoughts and imagination, the ability to balance the weight of universes in your head, to close your eyes but still being able to see so clearly a visual image of something. If you think harder and deeper, and if you learn to manipulate how your thoughts overwhelm your mind, I believe […]



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Object.” You remind me of busy cities, crowded places and neon lights. You make me feel like flickering street lamps, empty phone booths and silent alleys. You give me illuminating thrills, with a temporary high. You bring me places unheard of, so far out, too deep in. […]

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A Trip To The Stars

I was blessed enough to awake at prime to witness the intriguing stars align. I was up in the sky and for the very first time they seemed much closer that I felt almighty as if I could pluck them out and arrange them however I’d like. The experience felt so personal for on the […]

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.” In the summer of 1984, all I can remember from then is a whisky, faded memory of you in that very room that was too large for comfort, and the look on your face when you told me it was too much for you. I remember […]

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in a world so competitive, there’s no place for those living their lives without an aim in mind. it’s sad, how the only proper way to survive in this cruel place, is to battle it WITH cruelty. there’s no place for those believers of kindness, those dreamers, those honest, those who love with all of […]



death? isn’t always a bad thing it’s a way of life something we’ll never escape from, for we are all stardust, a part of the universe that’s bound to be recycled someday. some quiver at the thought of it some yearn for it with every aching soul; it also signifies an end to a journey […]

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You’re daydreaming, and you happen to chance upon your reflection on a glass window. Amidst the blurry image you see before you, you try hard to make out how you look. You look to see if everything’s in place, your hair, your glasses, then you try to fiddle around with each and every detail to […]

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